8 - Researching A Drug or Chemical. Book pg. 104-106

To find information about a drug or chemical, follow the same procedures as described in the preceeding sections. There can be difficulties due with this kind of search due to the difference between the brand name and the chemical name. To determine the proper search term, the following procedures may resolve the problems. (First, however, try the obvious - ask your doctor or a pharmacist.)

8(a) Using the MEDLINE - MeSH Browser.

Log to the MEDLINE.

Select the "MeSH Browser" link; type the drug name in the "Search" for query box and select Go.

This leads to confirmation of the term as a MeSH term or alternatives terms
from the Metathesaurus.

You can launch searches on various terms to see what kind of results you obtain.

8(b) Using MEDLINEplus - Drug Information.

Log to MEDLINEplus and select the link, "Drug Information". That takes you to the screen below. Select the appropriate category.

8(c) Chemical Substances database. This database provides technical, chemical information on drugs, pesticides, environmental pollutants and other potential toxins.