Glossary Of Bio-medical Terms


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Explanation. This is a complete list of bio-medical terms with brief definitions. This has been extracted from the official, controlled vocabulary of the National Library of Medicine and constitutes 21,973 terms for the year 2003 - encompassing disease, bio-chemistry, anatomy, therapy, diagnosis, and biology in general. The terms are categorized alphabetically, with the exception of terms which begin with "Numerics" which are listed in that category and which are usually chemicals. Many chemical, however, do not begin with a number and will be listed in the appropriate alphabetical category.

Each definition has four elements, which are identified below.

Term Abdomen
Definition MS = That portion of the body that lies between the thorax and the pelvis.
Annotations AN = region & abdominal organs (tend to prefer specific organs); not for abdom muscles (index under ABDOMINAL MUSCLES but RECTUS ABDOMINIS is available); /radiogr = RADIOGRAPHY, ABDOMINAL; abdominal pain = ABDOMINAL PAIN; abrupt dis requiring emerg surg = ABDOMEN, ACUTE
Identification UI = D000005


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